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CIJ Culture Catalyst

The CIJ Culture Catalyst is an awe-inspiring corporate wellness program focusing on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Based upon methodology first taught at Stanford University’s famed Creativity in Business Course, the 8-week program is designed to take your team on a profound journey into unearthing their creativity, decreasing their stress, and developing a happy life-work balance. Using practical tools and techniques proven in business and in life for 35+ years, I will empower your team to authentically live their best lives and tap into new found creativity, balance, and peace.


The Culture Catalyst is a process for tapping into ones full creative potential to create breakthrough results on a personal or professional challenge or goal. This mindfulness and emotional intelligence program was developed by Dr. Michael Ray in 1979 and based on proven methods from his Creativity in Business work at Stanford and in corporations.

This program is designed to get your team from where they are to where you want them to be. The program will cover one topic per week for a period of 8 weeks. They will learn and apply the 8 lessons of the Stanford course by working with Culture Catalyst master trainer Rachel Golan, who will guide them in a process of developing a daily mindfulness practice to decrease stress both at home and in the workplace, use the practical tool box to unearth new creativity and passion at work, become a more confident and effective communicator, and apply the powerful practices to create a happier more fulfilled life.


Most of the learning in this program does not require dedicated time, but rather attention and practice to integrate new ideas into day- to-day activities. This is not something separate from their personal and professional day to day, but rather a much more powerful way to go about their day to day.



The first 4 weeks are spent on building a foundation in essential tools for creativity:

  • Week 1: Faith in Your Own Creativity: Cultivating The Creative Process

  • Week 2: Absence of Judgment: Cultivating Compassion

  • Week 3: Mindfulness: Cultivating Present Moment Awareness

  • Week 4: Powerful Questions: Cultivating Intuition

  • Week 5: Creative Vision: Cultivating Innovation

  • Week 6: Time and Stress: Cultivating Inner Peace

  • Week 7: Conscious Communication: Cultivating Responding VS Reacting

  • Week 8: Bringing Your Creativity into your Culture: Cultivating Collaboration


In addition to the specific weekly topics, the program is organized around 2 themes:

  1. Discovering yourself, your creative resources and your highest potential

  2. Applying the mindfulness and emotional intelligence lessons to make significant progress on creating a peaceful and well-balanced way of living

Finally, the program culminates with a powerful last class that has everyone tap into their greatest creative resources.

This course can be given to small groups of ten, and up to large groups of one thousand participants.

It can be delivered as an online “power lunch and learn” live interactive webinar, or as an evening session from the comfort of their home.

Speakers and Supporter of CIJ Culture Catalyst

(Formerly: Creativity in Business at Stanford University)

  • Steve Jobs, co-founder, Apple Computer

  • Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

  • Charles Schwab, founder & CEO, Charles Schwab & Co.

  • Ken Oshman, co-founder & CEO, IBM Corp

  • Michael Gould – founder & president, The Learning Tree Open University

  • Krista Brunson – producer, The Today Show on NBC

  • Philip Knight – founder & CEO, Nike, Inc

This program has something that no other has, a track record of very successful business people taking it, where people come back again and again and speak highly of it. It stays with you. It’s been years since I have taken the program and not a day goes by that I don’t think about something that I learned there.

Gary Marenzi, President MGM Communications

Working with this Stanford program our team has created a huge shift in awareness, breakthrough out of the box creative thinking, and bottom line increases in our entrepreneurial endeavors. I highly recommend bringing The CIJ Culture Catalyst into your organization; it has paid for itself 100 times over.

Jane Bolin, Southeast Regional Area Director, Entrepreneur’s Organization

This is the most profoundly life changing program taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. What this material is particularly good at is helping people find the intersection of that which they are highly capable of contributing, and that which they are committed and passionate about contributing to.

Jim Collins, Author of “Good to Great” and “Built to Last”

Other smart companies using CIJ Culture Catalyst for corporate wellness launching January 2019…

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