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Rachel Golan


Hi! I’m Rachel. a certified Clarity Catalyst Coach, creator of Rachel's Daily Blog and mother of 4. 


Growing up I was the “baby” of the family.  Never really wanting anything more then to fit in and have a voice. For me something was always missing.  I always felt like I was either in the wrong place or I wasn’t seen or wasn’t heard. 


People tell their stories about that special person, whether a teacher, coach, someone who inspired or believed in them that pushed them forward to greatness; I didn't realize it at the time, but I was gaining the wisdom I needed so I could be that person for many like me.

Feeling lost and powerless, migraines tortured me on a weekly basis as I felt like I had no control over what was happening to and around me. Fearful of saying my truth, I clung to my extraordinary talent for hiding my feelings and my wardrobe of "masks" to choose from.


Fast forward to high school, more of the same, low self-esteem, and bad decisions, followed me no matter where or what I did.  

By the time college rolled around I had a raging eating disorder and dropped out after one year. I moved back home and went to the University in my hometown.  Did I mention I was homeless and living out of my car?  Yes that happened.  

After my loan applications were denied, I had to drop out of school again, working three jobs and living in my car I continued down my journey of bad decisions.  Then one day I dropped everything and went on a journey.  A journey that led me to an abusive relationship and single motherhood. Realizing I didn't want to live that way, I left that relationship at 25, a single mother of a 6 month old baby in a foreign country. (Still unaware that my patterns are stemming from my thoughts about myself.) 

I picked myself up got myself together (having a baby you would do anything for gives a girl a purpose, right?) and three years later…a great job, bills paid, extra for, well…extra stuff, I meet my husband.  Life going pretty well while my focus was on anything but myself, or so I thought. Got married and our our journey to parenthood began…ahh but wait not so fast 5 miscarriages and one stillbirth left me heartbroken and depressed unable to get out of bed for over 2 months.  After months of procedures I found myself pregnant again and I had my babies.  

I became a stay at home mom and enjoyed my life by staying so busy and wrapped up in my kids’ lives I literally had no time to think about anything else, definitely not myself .  Even though I was living the life I thought I had always wanted.  I was realizing that I wanted more. Again, slipping into depression, I turned on the TV and there it was…Esther Hicks on Oprah talking about the Secret.  

I immediately downloaded the movie and my journey to creating my new life my born.  I began inviting strangers to my house to watch the movie, because I believed the more people who saw this the better life would be.  This viewing turned into a successful workshop which I gave out of my house.  I was a believer.  I watched my life transform as I became more aware of my thoughts and feelings and using these laws in my favor.  

What I learned was that nothing in my life would truly change until I changed two things: first how I was thinking and second how I saw myself.  Once I learned these two simple yet magical ways of being I could truly transform my life and never go back.


As time went on I saw myself succeeding, but I was lacking a few essential elements to actually go after what I believed was my purpose and do what I was meant to do.  That's when a friend of mine told me about a course she had heard about and thought would be perfect for me...CIJ.  I went for it and after the first class I looked up at the the sky and said, THANK YOU!

The tools, the community, the clarity that I received from this course made my life crystal clear.  I could no longer sit in the background, it was time to come out and pass along this amazing experience to others.


I was able to actually appreciate and even be grateful for everything my life was to get where I am today and that’s what I want to for you! 

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